The cavea of the Roman theater of Mérida - Pedro Mateos Cruz (ed.)

La cavea del teatro romano de Mérida - Pedro Mateos Cruz (ed.)

In 2018, we published in this same series the volume La scaenae frons del teatro romano de Mé- rida. This was the first monographic work developed on the scenic front in which the building was treated from the point of view of architecture, architectural decoration, epigraphy, iconography, etc.

A new volume on the Roman theater is now presented, this time focusing on the cavea, although, as with the previous book, the content goes far beyond this spatial objective. In the study of the stage front, we also included the analysis of the porticus post scaenam, as we believed that it complemented to a great extent the research carried out on the stage. On this occasion, in addition to the publication of the tiers themselves, we also add iconographic and epigraphic aspects related to the spatial scope of the porticus and, in general, to the entire theater. This is the case with the iconography or with the study of water, for example, which includes an in-depth analysis that extends to the entire surface of the building and its immediate surroundings.