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VI Simposio Internacional de Arqueología del IAM. La arquitectura de tierra en el Mediterráneo antiguo: perspectivas, estrategias y metodología.  Guareña, 21-24 de febrero de 2024.


Earth construction has a set of characteristics that distinguish it from other types of architecture, such as the variability within the same technique or the regionalization of construction traditions. Within the specific field of Mediterranean archaeology, problems for its analysis and study have been dragging, which has caused the progress of the works to be uneven depending on the geographical area, chronologies, and academic tradition. Consequently, all these constraints/determining factors have implied that archaeology analyzes numerous historical earthen architectures from different perspectives in direct collaboration with multiple disciplines, although without homogenizing such important issues as terminology or workflow.This congress intends to connect professionals from different areas, especially, from archaeology, whose field of specialization focuses directly or indirectly on earthen architecture. Place of celebration: Casa de la cultura de Guareña, Badajoz, Spain Date of celebration: 21-24 February 2024

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