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El fenómeno de las Exposiciones (1873, 1878, 1929) y su valor como foros de construcción y difusión de la arqueología en Europa.

The phenomenon of the Exhibitions (1873, 1878, 1929) and their value as forums for the construction and dissemination of archaeology in Europe. I.P.: Trinidad Tortosa Rocamora

EN CURSO - I+D+I NACIONAL - Archaeology of urban planning, architecture, landscape and image.

This project is preceded by results that attest to the effectiveness of this line of research, which has been underway for some years now. A path that has its origins in the study of the archaeology that has represented Spain at different Universal or International Exhibitions. At that time we concluded the study that allowed us to understand the value of these forums by looking at the Rome exhibitions organised in 1911 and 1937 (Tortosa -ed.- 2019): the catalogue of pieces - casts, models and photographs-, the people and institutions that selected the archaeological objects, how they were dealt with by the press, and the magazines that echoed the impact of these events.

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