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Archaeology and society of agrarian spaces: finding the invisible people through the materiality of landscape

Reunión Científica. Arqueología y Sociedad de los espacios agrarios: en busca de la gente invisible en la materialidad del paisaje.

In recent years, the strengthening of non-invasive methods has multiplied our ability to offer an extensive and in-depth reading of the organization and transformation of the agricultural spaces of the past. The physical entity of this dimension of the landscape is however difficult to apprehend. On one hand, the record obtained is very focused on a type of "ephemeral" information (crop-marks, soil marks ...) or whose existence is purely digital (measurements from remote sensing, geophysical instruments…). On the other hand, the study of rural life moves us to scenarios whose actors are generally very barely visible through material evidence. The general objective of this workshop is to promote the creation of a meeting point for all those interested in research on agricultural spaces, stimulating the connection between areas of knowledge (Archeology, Agrarian History, Precision Agriculture, Agronomy, Environmental Studies ...).

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